Welcome to the 4th Day

Good Morning!
Stars are singing!

On the 4th Day, Today, we open our treasuries and offer them to all with all the hope in our hearts that the discernment of Joy and Liberty we had found in them may benefit the cause of the faithful’s union throughout the world.

The blind cannot fathom the depth of disgust with which the eyes of the young look upon those who have choked them, sold them for baubles, crucified them for their selfish short-term gain. Politicians and Bankers hold empty bags tattered and torn. Although there is a cold wind blowing plague and economic collapse most of these folks are still delusional by any scientific assessment, with poison on their two-faced snake-tongues doing little more than laying traps for any mind that would attempt to reason carefully about our real social and ecological problems. This is the time for naming them and confronting them with the courage required to stop what is going wrong. The Frontline Plastic Wars provides a singular illustrative example that can stand in for all of those who really do NOT understand what day this is. They expect the cattle to fall for the same tricks. Again. That is not the case. People are not cattle and the poor are not without a protector.

“Once bit twice shy, no, no regrets at all. Justice, might as well take over.”
City of Love Yes

There has been plenty of time in the triage tents, yes? If not on the front lines, how are you doing with the reading assignment? The thread of schism ran deep throughout the Christian West, like a red thread of counter-meaning corrupting all sides it touched. It is along that thread that our exorcism will continue, traveling from the outer ring of Mormonism to the Protestant inner core. In the Gospel story the soldiers themselves would not tear the robe of Christ but right there at the foot of the cross tossed lots for it. Schism tears the robe. It is no coincidence (or is it?) that it is probabilities, the whole science of reason weighing evidence in the face of the unknown, that will turn this collapse of Homo Colossus into the birth of a more humane human culture. . . in the long run. It is for the seamlessness of this robe that Jesus prayed most passionately, as reported by St. John. The hypothesis is simple, that the Christ did not fail in his mission. It is that this exact prayer was heard and answered that day on the cross when torturing a human being was named for what it is – evil. How it was, and is, answered St. John illustrates for us in his Revelation. The tear in the robe, this dis-unity at the heart of the human family, is and is naught as it sorts what it truth and what is not. These things involve profound mysteries of time and the way good and evil play out in the human hearts throughout the lifespans of individuals and their children. Every man, woman and child of God deserves respect. Each one is equally precious in the eyes of their creator: Our Father, One God of One human family, however said all this we are talking about has nothing to do with the cheap sentimentality of religiosity that masks the real thing. Bye Bye 700 Club, there is a new sheriff in town bearing the eight pointed star of the law man and the triple-7 in his holster. The seamlessness of this robe has been made almost invisible today under the weight of slander and confusion sewn by our enemies. Our enemies are the wrong spiritual ideas in high places, ones that have come to dominate the way we think in our unsustainable cultures. These ideas then translate into molecules that threaten all we hold dear. To win this battle we need to know our enemies tactics and out-maneuver them at every turn. What we are proposing is that when people take a hard, unbiased look at the evidence for preternatural entities in this material, however weird it may seem to a scientist today rightly skeptical of anything hinting at the ESP fiascoes, as these generations pass and events in history unfold the weight of the evidence just keeps piling up for there being angels and demons influencing events. We are in a life and death battle that is not served by obfuscating the true depths and heights of all that is involved.

Only when we place true Magick where it belongs can we learn to quickly recognize superstition and all the mind control tricks used to attack clear reasoning. The little scroll at the heart of the A∴A∴ work is, we submit, our ticket providing passage through hell. It has been our experience that here something speaks with an authority in that the words given are dynamic, actively purging error. Many private revelations do this, they can feed the flock. The image of Divine Mercy, red and white rays shining out of a standing Jesus’ heart with the words ‘Jesus I Trust in You’ summing up living faith’s needed correction came to prominence as the wall between East and West fell and we saw into Poland’s heart. Close to my heart as an American is Our Lady of Guadalupe who accompanies the poor of the Americas unfailingly. In the little scroll given Aleister Crowley there is something all-together different from this sort of communication, with puzzling references and cryptic allusions. If it is anything wholesome, as we and many who have been touched by it assert it is as it lead us to Catholicism, it is better characterized as it itself does, as a prophetic word meant for the Bride in the World in her time of need. The Law is for All.

This material claims to take science to the edge of faith, hand in hand with reason to the limits of its understanding. It requires of its students that they be willing to use the modern mind’s understanding of the sciences to its utmost and face probabilities fearlessly and without bias. We’ve had a 100 years of psychotherapy and the world’s getting worse observed Dr. Hilliman. Those timid steps towards the mysteries of the mind, useful as they have been even as they were marred by their creator’s need to rationalize their own sins, failed to account fully for the Magick involved when the tiger of trauma is released. Thank you Freud, thank you Jung, thank you Adler. . . but there is much, much more involved.

There’s a star-man waiting in the sky
He’d like to come and meet us
but he thinks he’d blow our minds
David Bowie

Blow them or not, time has run out. Human beings wake up now to their place in the universe. The Good Guys win again, yet, we could truly destroy ourselves. How the Good Guys won (or win) this eternal war leaves us breathless, the class of intelligence involved in some aspects of the exorcism can only lead us to wonder. What is done is done, it cannot be reversed, it cannot be undone and it will carry us forward, to regress is not an option. What is this change, must it “blow our minds” or can we learn to have Magick without Tears? It is very, very easy to explain. Here is an important essay to act as a load stone to guide folks through what can seem quite the thicket. It recalls the power of what consciousness has achieved in our midst, in our day, Stepping Out of the Old Aeon and into the New.

May Peace come to your homes.

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