About Me

My name is Scott Erway and I am currently enjoying my fifth decade on this wonder-filled earth. I was a middle class software engineer trained in system science and architecture. A child of my times, some of my most wonderful memories involve roller-coasters in theme parks with my wife and three wonderful children. How to reconcile this with my ecological knowledge is an ongoing struggle.

I have no easy answers nor an agenda that will teach you “what you need to do” in light of the ecological crises and the responsibilities it lays on people of conscience. After years of struggling to navigate between the rock of suicidal despair and the cliffs of dogmatic faiths in supernatural salvations, I have managed to once again live a more or less happy life – without needing to live in denial. I write in the hope that others who are struggling in this same way may find something they recognize from their own struggles, and we then will no longer be walking this sad and tragic path alone. I see blood on the sidewalk and cities on fire, but I also see the value of picking up a piece of plastic trash so others might see the world a little less spoiled.

My children are grown now and my wife and I have downsized. An adventure is afoot.