Go forth and love life

Go forth and love life. I have given you the sunlight and the rain, the look in your lover’s eyes, the warm harvest moon and the cold arctic howlings. This is all I have ever asked of you. It is work, it is hard. But it is not as hard as you have made it out to be in your feverish imaginings.

Go forth and love life, live it with gusto and without fear. You did not create it, you cannot lose it. Lighten up. There is a great work to be done. It is to spread joy on the face of the earth. In mirth and laughter the deep blue skies themselves are made to ring out. And earth sings a hymn of love and love lost.

If life spoke I imagine this is close to what it would say.

Perhaps bliss is a better word than joy. In the comfort of tears understood, while held in the arms of another, here too those who love life are found. It does no good to be ashamed of the nature of life, with all its messy, bloody faults and fandangos. Drinking the cup, drink with gusto. It is only yours for a short time.

To the newly happy married, a heart felt toast. To the long time happily married, a gracious bow, for you have tied the rainbow to the world. In the happily-ever-after the war between man and god ends. Good morning beautiful, how was your night? The creation was never meant to be seen as a curse, the waking of consciousness is really no such thing. I see you, I love you.

Blue marble of our hopes and dreams, comfort us in our fears and stay with us while we submit to our ancestor’s wisdom.

We gaze upon the molecular world. This is our gift to reason, the special gift we moderns bring to the manger. We will learn, even as we always have, time out of mind. Our gift, too, will never be wholly forgotten.